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From its beginnings in 1989, Radhika Steel (India) has always produced top-quality products at affordable prices. By relying on volume sales rather than per-unit profit to build the company. Radhika delivers more standard features, high-tech innovations and rock-solid engineering to its valued customer-and at better prices!.

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Radhika Steel (India) welcomes you to the world of machining excellence. Company’s products are built to deliver higher accuracy, repeatability and durability than any other machine tools on the market.

Quality, Price & Range are the three foundation pillars on which we are continuing business.

To this days, Radhika produces all critical components in-house, using dedicated state-of-the art to ensure accuracy. The company’s 25000 square foot area facility makes extensive use of flexible manufacturing systems(FMS) to lead more production capabilities and reduce costs.

In 2004, Radhika Steel (India) shifted it’s manufacturing unit in an area of around 4 acres situated at highly growing area Metoda GIDC, Rajkot(India) to successfully target the technology driven customers. Currently, company providing wide range of it’s products than any other manufacturer.

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